How to organise a list of projects?

Hello Asanas!

In one of my setups I use asana to keep track of my clients as a sort of CRM. The way it worked for me was simple:

    1.1 client specific subtasks
    1.2 Opportunities
    1.2.1 Oppurtunity subtasks
    1.3 Deals
    1.3.1 Deal specific subtasks

Now the setup was working fine as long as I don’t have a lot of clients, but right now to load my “Clients” project takes almost a minute, which is not working any longer.
The reason I use Opportunities and Deals as tasks and not as project is that it is easier for me to keep track of them as I place them in multiple projects and one of this has a clear “stage” view.

Clearly this is not usable any longer, so I was wondering if anyone has an idea of how to manage multiple project which can be in different stages without resorting to creating tasks that represent the projects to organise them.



Did find some answers already!


Great question, @Carlo!

Good to see you found Alexis’s thread illustrating how you can create a reference Project in Asana. While I have quite a few reference Projects, I also use my sidebar to organize important Projects.

Try creating “headers” in the sidebar to organize your data.

To create “headers” in the sidebar:

  1. Create a Project and choose a Project Name that correlates with the first client you’d like to start this process with. This project will act as a placeholder and won’t contain any data. The sole purpose is to separate client’s in the sidebar: Setting Up a Project in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

  2. Choose a Project Highlight Color to make your client’s Project (header) visually distinct: Setting Up a Project in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

  3. Star the Project (header) if you’d like to bookmark it at the top of your sidebar for easier access: How to Navigate Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

Now that you have your first “header” created, you can now repeat steps 1-3 but instead, you’ll actually populate the other Projects that will live under the “header.”

Take a look at the attached screenshot to see how you can use this for your business. In the screenshot, you’ll notice that I’ve added characters to the Project Name to make them more visually distinctive. I hope this helps!


I’ve just done this and it looks amazing! So much clearer. Thanks, @Terri_Burden!


@Terri_Burden this is a fantastic workaround!


Wonderful! Thanks so much for the update. Happy to hear this. :slight_smile: @Mark_Hudson @Crystal_Alifanow

hi @Terri_Burden

I used that system a while ago; the only issue I have with it is that with a long list of projects it become unclear, in the sense that your list of project is too long.

Thanks for your input though!!!

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Very cool idea, @Terri_Burden
I just applied it to my project list and it is no longer cluttered :heart:


It’s a nice idea, but for few weeks I can’t reorder projects with drag and drop. Actually, neither tasks.

How do I add a project to a client that is not the last one?

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Excellent workaround. But I’m also wondering if Asana has any plans in its Roadmap to create the possibility to add Clients? So that Projects can be attached to a client? Seems Asana is more a Task Manager than a Project Manager. And lots of people using Asana must do workarounds like this one to manage projects. I know there are other products out there, like Paymoapp, that are more Project based, but I prefer to keep using Asana. Thank you for your consideration!


This was just linked from another thread - it’s GENIUS.

The suggestion by @Terri_Burden is a nice first step to getting projects somewhat more organized, but are there any plans to further help organize projects in Asana?

Two specific questions on this:

  1. Are there any plans to at least make the section headers hack as suggested by @Terri_Burden above into a real feature, instead of having to use an empty project for it?
  2. If I organize my projects in a certain way, does this apply only to my personal view, or will the entire Organization then see all projects in this way?