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So, I work for a company of about 600 ppl, and I manage the tasks of certain sections of the Marketing team - mainly, Content Production (blogs, videos, etc), Public Relations and Social Media, and Graphic Design.

My main issue comes with the organisation of the Content production processes. Particularly, when it comes to blog articles - these are usually projects that involve many different stakeholders - ppl who order the articles, writers, reviewers (3 different sets, all of whom shift around), graphic design, social media manager. We have one big project for blog production (which I am currently re-working), but I am having a hard time making sure that all the dates are aligned, and the stakeholders are notified in a timely fashion when they have work to do.

Any tips on best organisation?


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In general I would recommend setting up a team, then one main project where you have all your tasks and then separate projects per department/team (such as design, content writer, etc)

Then in every project you have stages set up and you work with custom fields to trigger rules to push tasks forward.

Portfolio view might be helpful in your case too, so are dashboards/reports to keep an overview.

Additionally the workload feature will be very handy.

Now not sure if you need to monitor as well how much time is allocated vs actually spent (same for $), if so have a look here.

I have also shared a workflow on how I handle everything related to video planning - production - publishing here.

I also recommend looking through the forum as there have been similar requests in the past and a few use cases have been shared as well that can be helpful :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

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