How to list all my current tasks of any team and project i'm in?

how to list all my current tasks of any team and project i’m in ?
Sometimes i need to see the whole thing.


Hi @Frank_H,

If you click on “My Tasks” at the top of the screen (towards the left) it will show you all tasks assigned to you across all projects and teams but only within that workspace. Do you currently use that function?

Hey Amy, thx for reply :slight_smile:
yes, im using the top-left “My Tasks” link. But it won’t show across all tasks im assigned with yet.

here are 2 screenshots

Other short questions :

  • how do i turn off emojis in this forum fr my postes ?
  • how do i post pictures here ?


Hi @Frank_H - is the task perhaps hidden in the collapsed “New Tasks” section? If you haven’t yet assigned a task to “Today”, “Upcoming” or “Later” then it will be in New Tasks and that section looks to be collapsed at the moment.

I’m not sure about turning emojis on and off in the forum but you should be able to post pictures through the upload function in the tool bar:


As I just did with the above image.

Amy :slight_smile:

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aah ok, there are the tasks, under “New Tasks” thx a lot :))

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