How to have a conversation with all the members of a project ?

I wanna have a conversation with messages with the all the members of a project. When i create the initial message, everyone receive a notification and a message in their inbox, great ! But any response to these messages won’t generate notifications and won’t be added to the inboxes except for the persons who took part to the conversation. I know i can add every member of the project as collaborator of the message but i have 30 of them, that’s not a viable option. Is there anyway to have a conversation with all the members ?

Hi @Patrick22 , you have done the right thing to use the Messages tab within the project, and having made sure that ‘Messages’ is checked for all members within the ‘Share>Manage Notifications’ settings of the project. Unfortunately, for better or for worse, your members will receive just one notification for the message but not subsequent comments. :confused:

In such cases, the best would be to implement a convention (a ‘best practice’ amongst your team) to have each member to immediately add themselves as a collaborator to such messages, providing them with the incentive to do so otherwise they will miss out on important information.