How to end Trial-Version


I see, that I am on a Trial-Version of Asana right now. I do not plan to pay for a business or Premium-Plan. So I want to use from the beginning on the FREE - Version. There is nothing more annoying then figuring out after 30 days, that the free-version does not suit your needs.

Neither did I find any list features of the Free-Version, so I can check, whether some features will stay or not.

I´m only using asana as a To-Do list and kanban-board. So the features I need are:

  • Costume Boards
  • Tasks with Information, priority and tags
  • Asign task to somebody else
  • Chat Option underneath every task
  • Setting Due-Date
  • Up to 7 members one board
  • A Second board just for myself
  • Filtering and sorting tasks (in priorities, responsibilities, tags and so on…)

So please can somebody help me figuring out, if this all will still be possible?

Thank you!

Hi @endlichsmartphone , welcome to the forum :wave:

I think you can find your answers on this page Asana Pricing | Premium, Business, & Enterprise pricing plans • Asana where you can compare plans and you should also be able to get started on the Basic plan without a trial period.

From your list, note that in the Basic plan you cannot add a start date to tasks, only due dates. And you cannot have private teams and projects.

Hope this helps!

Thank you!

Yes, something like that I was searching for - Really hard to find! However, it´s not detailed enough to really know, which features stays.

Thank for you information. You mean, that I cannot have, beside the Team-List, a private list that ONLY I can see?


Correct, private projects are available to Premium and above.

Also, if you open the link I mentioned above on desktop, there is a ‘Compare all features’ section which lists everything in greater detail, like this…