How to effectively get access to task with no followers and assigned to no project

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a task but do not assign it to any project
  2. The task has only one follower i.e. the task creator
  3. Remove the follower

In the UI:
You will be shortly informed that you no longer have access to the task. You can request access but the response is “You’ve already requested access to this resource” or something along those lines. In the web UI I never see a prompt about someone (me) asking to regain access to the task.

Using the REST API:
Once the last follower is removed, I can no longer access the task, all requests I tried are rejected with 403 “You do not have access to this task”

Is there a way to actually access the task again? Is this a zombie task now? Is there a way to remove it?

I guess this is a zombie task. Why would you want to remove it if no one can access it? @Julien_RENAUD any idea on how to access it?

No idea, I have just tested and indeed I lose the access to the task, I can’t find it :ghost:

2 kind of “floating” tasks:
tasks without projects:

tasks without assignee:

Don’t forget the “is_subtask=false”, because almost all subtasks are unassigned / without project!

And you can combine params to get tasks without project / user / tag.
These one can only be found using the “search” api.

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Are you sure it works? Because you won’t have rights to see them do you? :thinking:

Ohhh i read the question too quickly…
If a direct query to the task gives a 403, my previous method will not work…
I only read the title!


These tasks are result of our automated tests for an Asana connector we’re working on. The tests set various combinations of values on the tasks and when done they are supposed to remove any tasks created.

I’m ok marking this particular combination as invalid, but it seems like it’s allowed in the web UI. So that’s one issue I found. The other is the recovery solution in the UI i.e. requesting access, which doesn’t seem to work at all. The message about sending request is bogus.

imho removing the last follower/collaborator for a task without a project should result in a 400 Bad Request response.

Any ideas how to remove those tasks? Or regain access using the REST API?