How to connect Asana Source in Power BI

On Power bi site, through the Service Content Packs i connected to the Asana. There I have mentioned the WorkspaceName and TeamName.
then asked for the OAuth2 authentication method (Refer - Image1).

then after Signing In - getting error as "We couldn’t install Asana (Refer - Image2).

Hmm, everything looks good on our side - in fact, PowerBI is one of the most reliable integrations in terms of error rates. Could you try again to see if this was just a one-time thing?

No i tried it for multiple time. but each time i am getting same error.
for the workspace which i am referring their i am not able to get the Team Name.

do you know where can i get Team name?

Same here. I can’t find a “Team name” anywhere inside Asana. Is that only an “Organization” function?

There should be a “Teams” section on the side menu. It’s under “Reports”. Also, in order for connection to work, your workspace name and team name should match the exact values that your team has in Asana. Otherwise that weird error pops up.

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