How to color tasks by project color in calendar view in an advanced search?

We love using the advanced search / saved reports for collecting a powerful calendar view that captures and filters just what we need. However, how can this view use the existing project colors in some way?

I understand that tasks can belong to multiple projects, which makes this tricky, but perhaps someone’s thought of a way to convey this information in the calendar view?


Hi @Adam-Involute! Very good question. I checked this from my side and I can see the color of the task in your calendar view is actually correlated to the first project/tag you added to your task. Let’s say, if you added the project color first, the task will show the color of the first project you linked to this task.

You can check more information in this post: Tasks showing tag colour instead of project colour in team calendar

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.

@Adam-Involute - I think the colour is there, you just have to know what you are looking for. The little squares give you info - not that easy to see but once you know what you are looking for its not too bad. You can also see tags and custom fields

@Ruth_Newnham, thanks for the comments. We do use custom fields, and those show up as you point out, but unfortunately, the project doesn’t.

@Emily_Roman, thanks for clarifying the “first project/tag/field” correlation. Add my vote to the request for better control of coloring on these advanced search calendar views. =)


@Adam-Involute - You might need to add this topic to the Product Feedback section so it can be voted on - there are already lots of topics regarding use of colour but not sure if there is one that already covers what you specifically want - might be worth you doing a search :slight_smile:

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I re-did the color study and did not come to the same conclusions 🎨 If Van Gogh used Asana: a study about colors on Asana

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