How To Change An Existing Contact E-mail Address

Does anyone happen to know how to modify the e-mail address for someone that I’ve already got in Asana? This is not a team member, just someone who I am sharing an individual project with. We originally put his work e-mail address, but it’s getting caught in Spam for some reason. We need to edit this to his personal e-mail address. Any tips? Thank you!

  • Randy

@Randy_Hall, follow these steps if you’re on the free version of Asana:

  1. Hover over the team until the gear icon appears
  2. Click “Edit Team Settings…”
  3. Go to Members tab
  4. Hover over the email address you want to remove and the word “Remove” will appear on the right side

If you’re on Asana Premium, the admin should be able to go to Organization Settings for this.

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@Randy_Hall, make sure that your colleague adds his desired email address to his account before removing his original email address. Instructions to add another email can be found here on the Guide: [here](How to Control Your Profile Settings in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide an Email Address). He can then remove the old email address without any disruption.

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Hey Randy, I had the spam issue before and it took about a month of going into spam and saying ‘not spam’ for it to learn. When I spoke to IT about it, they checked the header html/language and determined it was something in there that was flagging it, mostly caused by an email redirect.

Doesn’t answer your question, but maybe provides some insight. I’d really recommend trying to teach his account to not register it as spam rather than having him use a personal, but that’s up to yall! =)

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Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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Hello, @Todd_Cavanaugh. What should I do If I need to change emails for an existing and permanent team member? (We’ve organised a corporate mailbox). The team member has already added the new email address to his account. What the next? Deleting him as a member in the admin panel (member) seems not the right way? No? Please help! Thank you!
PS And also I need to save all task assigns to him.

I think to replace an email you would need to log in as that user and change it in that user’s personal settings.

May I ask you (or someone) to provide step by step instruction? It’s not really obvious how to make these things right.

Hey @anon98078484,
can the user or you log into his existing account?
Because then you can just go into the settings, add the new email, make it primary and remove the other email: How to Control Your Profile Settings in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

If you want to do it from the admin you could locate the user, remove him. And in the message that asks to whom to reassign the tasks to select the user with the new email. Admin Console • Asana Product Guide

Option 1 would be the best as then the user also stays in the projects he was added to, the only thing that changes is his email and the email he uses to login from.

Hope that helps

Thank you, @Andrea_Mayer. I think I understand.

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@Andrea_Mayer I have a colleague who got married, changed her name, which changed her email address. We use SSO (MS Active Directory). She can no longer sign in with her old email address. I’m the Super Admin, but I cannot edit her email address.

Since she cannot sign in, she cannot add a second email address to her Asana profile.

Please advise.

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Gordon_Moe!

In this case I actually recommend reaching out to Asana Support so they can help to change her email.

Alternatively you can remove her old user via the admin panel which will then create a project with all tasks she had assigned and this project can then be reassigned to her new email. She would however not have all the previous access to projects, teams, tasks etc so support is definitely the best option in this case.