How to automatically sync change from asana web to android app?

Hi there, how can I automatically sync my changes/update in the android app so that I can view later even offline? Currently, I have to refresh every time in the android app to get updates from web or other.
However, I am using the same feature in another project management tool automatically.
I have gone through several Asana documentation so that I can move completely to Asana, but still not succeed.
Is there any procedure or this feature is not available in Asana?

Hi @Nil, welcome to the forum!

In order to investigate this further, please confirm the following:

  1. Do you experience the same when you create a task in mobile? Do you see the update in web or do you also need to reload your browser?
  2. What version of Android and Asana app you currently have?

Looking forward to your reply!

hi @Emily_Roman,

  1. Web version automatically gets updated if there is any change in app. I don’t need to reload the browser to see update in the web. However, I need to refresh mobile app to see the changes from other places.
  2. Currently, I am using android 8.0.0 and Asana version 6.52.6