How to add calendar entries on a task/project as opposed to a due date?

Hi folks

Im using My Tasks and i have a meeting thats in relation to a project. THe meeting isnt the end of the project, but i would like to be able to add the meeting to the tasks and it add it to my calendar. How do i do this? Am i over thinking it? Is there a way to add a meeting/time/date as a comment and it add it as a calendar entry?

Hi Max and thanks for your first question on the forum.

I’m not completely sure to have understood your “pain”, but if you are looking to mention a task in the comments of another task, you can use the “@” and search the task you want to mention.

Remark : this also works to mention projects & people

Please let me know if that helps or if you are trying to achieve something else :slight_smile:

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Welcome, @Max_Middleton,

It sounds like you want to add something to your My Tasks Calendar view.

The way to do that is to 1) assign a task or subtask to yourself, and 2) make sure it has a due date of the meeting.

If you’re clear to do that for an existing task, go ahead, otherwise if more appropriate, create a new, separate task or subtask and assign that to yourself and date.


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Thanks for the quick replies folks.

I may have been over thinking it. The term ‘due date’ made it sound rather final. I.e the end of a project.

I am going to make another post shortly where i will layout my configuration as i have another unrelated query BUT my problem here (which is probably a me problem not an asana problem) is…

If i get a new enquiry.

I create a task, now throughout the duration of that tasks life span, i may have to have a number of meetings, site visits etc. Basically multiple calendar entries.

At the end of that tasks ‘life’ it would be great to be able to collate all of the time spent, or see all of the dates.

So my original query was. When i create a task, how do i add a meeting date to that task OR rather, how do i add multiple dates. Such as a meeting next week, a site visit the week after and engineers on site the week after that.

The post i am about to do may be the answer. I suspect i am using the tasks function incorrectly and i should be using the sales pipeline. Which is what i have configured now.

Basically now my main projects are

My Tasks (This is the only place i create new tasks)
Sales Pipeline (used to track tasks/projects within the business that earn money)
Task List (Used to track internal tasks that dont make money, tidying, building shelves, vehicle maintenance etc)

Ive created a custom field which i call Job/Task.

If its marked as Job, it sends the task to the Sales Pipeline, ready to be tracked as a company project
If its marked as Task, it sends the task to Task List, ready to be picked up my an engineer when we are in the workshop.


Good questions.

Short answer: It depends!

A more proper answer (the best I can come up with) is here:

Hope that helps,