Best Practices for Small Consulting Firm w/ Repeatable Programs

Hi I am part of a very small (there is 3 of us) executive coaching and consulting firm. We run multi month programs, 1-day workshops, 1:1 coaching. Our program frameworks are the same but will be used for different clients at different times throughout the year. I am hoping to implement Asana as our main platform for task management, program management, and internal communications regarding both. I am wondering how I can streamline a lot of our input because we do a lot of repeatable tasks and processes. Would anyone be able to help me decipher how Asana could best help us? Should I use templates to create projects for our various programs, should I use portfolios for all similar run programs? Should I create teams for each client? I’ve been watching a lot of videos are reading a lot of the forum submissions, but does Asana provide direct consumer strategy and assist in building out Asana for small businesses? Long story short - I am looking for best practices specific to the type of work we do and how to use Asana to streamline our effectiveness. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Welcome, @Casey_McCabe,

As you’ve seen, Asana provides many great resources for learning Asana and has case studies and examples for some areas, but usually every organization/need is different so how to implement in your specific case will depend on details that are too much to handle asynchronously in forum thread (I feel, at least). Asana offers paid consulting, as do Asana Services/Solutions Partners like me; I’m:

I’ve also worked with Asana to create a free workshop video that provides all the best generic info in answer to your question that I can impart. You’ll find that here:


@lpb - many thanks for all of this information. I plan to review the webinar workshop and will reach out if I need additional 1:1 assistance. Again, my appreciation for your help!

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You’re most welcome, and that sounds great, @Casey_McCabe!