How do you manage Pipeline straight from My Tasks

Hi there,

one of the best ways to manage a constant stream of tasks, in my opinion, is to define a Pipeline.

This allows you to see the workload at every stage of the Pipeline and the prioritize accordingly.

In our case, we are using these sections in every project in order to differentiate the stages a task goes through (we are a client service software company):

  • Unprocessed:
  • Estimating:
  • Waiting to be planned:
  • In Progress:
  • Testing:
  • Client verifies the project:

Everything works fine except that we cannot see and cannot change the Section (i.e. Pipeline status) of a task from My Tasks. See this screenshot:

Would like to know, how do you manage your Pipelines?

Custom fields would not work as they are not visible in My Tasks.

Tags are visible, but then every team member needs to remember which are the tags for every pipeline stage and which are the transitions in the pipeline.

Thanks for any input you may have.


Unfortunately it is a catch22 in this case.

my best solution would be to use tags, but as you mentioned you need to remember to check the stage of the task every now and again.

A possible solution would be:

  1. instead of adding the custom field EVERYWHERE, just add all the tasks to one common project which has the custom field set
  2. when you need to check the status, you browse that project and organise the tasks by user

In this way you can still have a clear overview of the status and manage the tasks in a very simple way

Does it make sense?


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What Carlo mentioned is what I do. I manage a design team in part, and I have it set up so there’s a ‘Design Pipeline’ project. Literally everything they do that involves design assigned to them is there, sectioned off with all the required fields that I use with the design team, so I never have to go and add those to random projects.

I understand that you want them to be able to look at the tasks and prioritize their work based on where it is in the pipeline, I would simply say that this comes down to reviewing the tasks as you move them.

Example: I’m starting my day today and am looking through the upcoming items,I click on each one typically as/before I move it around to Today or leave it there. They should do the same - do they see a task is in the ‘Paused’ section? Cool, move it to upcoming. ‘Testing’? Same thing (maybe, depending on the person).

Also adding a convention (if there isn’t one already) that requires that people add a comment when a task is moved from section to section might be beneficial. So if they’re notified it was moved to testing they’ll manage it in their pipeline or whatever.

Tags aren’t a bad idea if you want them to be visible in my tasks, it’s not crazy to expect them to remember the tags for each section if you use the section names as tags. At least, I would have issues if they couldn’t remember that the ‘unprocessed’ tag means xyz =D

Hope this helps, happy to chat about other issues/ideas!

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You can see the section from the task view in the right pane, next to the project. Did you know that? But it does not give you the overview you might need in the center pan.

Tags also look the way to go…

Don’t people know the pipeline after a few weeks of use? And why not have one tag per stage, instead of one tag per stage per project?

I arrived here after searching on how to set up a “sales pipeline” with Asana but it seems like dedicated tools such as a CRM are a much better solution than Asana. The thing is that at the end of the day both systems need to communicate and somehow create a unified action view.