How do I view tasks for everyone?



I manage a small team. How do I view tasks that I have assigned out on my calendar so that I can keep track of what tasks needs to be done on any specific day? I switched to organization mode. However, I am still unable to see an option that allows me to see tasks assigned to everyone. Please help!


You can always do an Advanced Search to see tasks Assigned By You that are Incomplete and Due Between any 2 dates. You will be given a single field, with 7 options, for sorting.


Hi @Sabrina_Khan,
yo can certainly do an advanced search, and I invite you to try the "Ad filter! option, where you can select many options. I recommend you to go with “TEAM” and then create a search for a specific team within your organization. You will then be able to see all tasks (and/or subtasks if you select this option as well) for all of the people within this team. Remember that you can only see tasks that you have access to.

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So the only way for me to look at tasks I have assigned is for me to search them? They won’t just show up on my calendar, correct?


In a certain way, the search view is like reports. Then, upon generating this report (by the advanced saved search) you can use the calendar view, instead of list view. Then you have exactly what you need. :1st_place_medal:


HI @Sabrina_Khan :wave:t3:You can also check out your Team Calendar although that will include all tasks assigned to your Team!


Hi, Marie! This is exactly what I am trying to view however, I do not have the same options as shown on the link. Could you possible walk me through how I would see this view?


Hey @Sabrina_Khan!

In order to see your Team Calendar, you would first have to click on the Team name in the left sidebar. This will bring you to the Team Page where you should be able to see both the Calendar as well as the Teams Conversations tab.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, please find below a screenshot of my own Asana account to show how it looks like on my end. I hope it will be helpful!

Please let me know should you still not be able to see your Team Calendar, I’d be happy to help. Have a great weekend :grinning:


Hi Sabrina, to see all your tasks across multiple projects, I suggest you take a look at Bridge24 for Asana. The main Grid view will allow you to group all your tasks by any field you want.