How do I move an existing project into a Portfolio?

I have an existing project not associated with a portfolio and want to move it into a new portfolio I just created. How do I do this?

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When in the project, hit the drop down arrow next to the project name, then select “add to portfolio”.

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Welcome, @Jennifer76,

In addition to @Warren_Stott’s suggestion when in the project going to Project actions menu > + Add to portfolio, you can also do the corollary:

When in a portfolio’s List view, click the + Add work button and type the project’s name.



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Thank you! And then is it possible for them just to show up in my portfolio and not on my left sidebar now that they are in a portfolio?

If they appear in your sidebar Starred section, you can unstar the projects to remove them.

If you’re talking about the sidebar Projects sections, then no, you can’t alter that, except to hover it, click the down arrow, and choose Alphabetical, Recent, or Top.


Hi @Jennifer76 , to add to Larry’s useful guidance, you could also star your Portfolio to add it to your Sidebar’s starred section. Then when you hover over it, you can access all your projects easily from the flyout menu!

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