How do I export a large project with custom fields and subtasks into a CSV or spreadsheet



Hi All,

Asana team just released the Google Sheets export. this seems to be promising once i had a lot of trouble exporting via CSV due to odd broken lines as a result. Lets see how it works.



Hi @Marcelo_Votre They are now removing the dashboard feature in December. Do you know if there is a workaround for how we can choose projects to export to Google Sheets?


I have the same question as Olivia_Cheng. We are Premium members.


You’ll need to be upgraded from the Premium to the Business plan. Unfortunately it was explained to me that it’s the only way to keep the Google Sheet feature.


Wow, really. That’s a big price jump.


We have a cheaper alternative to get your data into a Google Sheet. You can find out more here: We export just about all data we can get our hands on: custom fields, tags, dependencies, followers, likes, …

We have some videos that will walk you through the setup process but please message me if you need further assistance.


Hi @Olivia_Cheng i am using Google Sheets export on a regular basis, To activate it i had to submmit a request to teir support team. though I am facing issue with trancate rows when loading data on Google Sheets