Custom Field Data is not applied to Subtasks during a CSV download of Asana data

We’re using Velocity to expert CSV data from Asana to Google Sheets. It is a remarkable process, EXCEPT that any custom field data that is marked in Asana is not exported for subtasks. I found a thread in the Asana Forum that addressed this topic. The final answer (in October of 2021) was that this was not a bug, but a product limitation. Yikes, that’s a big limitation. Is there any progress toward fixing this limitation? Or, is there a work-around?

Hi @Phil_Mowrey,

At this time, subtasks do not inherit the parent task’s qualities, which means that they would not show up in downloads. Hopefully, we will see a product update for this soon!

I will add however, there is a way to see subtasks in the Reporting. Are you interested in utilizing that to show progress?

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

To answer your question, I’ll give you a brief of what we are up to:

  • We love Asana (after many uses of competitive platforms)
  • We have several projects in Asana (probably about 40 of them)
  • While each project allows us to schedule tasks
  • We do not have a good way to see a collection of all tasks from all projects in one view (to make scheduling revisions based on the combined task scheduling)
  • Our main custom field status we care about is “DUE”- We have exported the CSV data to Google Sheets per Velocity, and we are happy with the results.
  • However, as noted, the subtask custom field data doesn’t come along with it- IF THERE IS A WAY in ASANA to see ALL PROJECT Schedules and tasks (and subtask) at ONCE (with custom field data revealed), we would love to know that.
  • We would be happy to cease our CSV export.
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I definitely suggest utilizing reporting.

Please find the below screenshot that shows how to view subtasks. My company currently does not utilize subtasks, but this chart will capture that for you.

Steps to reproduce this chart:

  1. Include tasks from your designated Portfolio
  2. X-Axis would be Assignee, Y-Axis would be your Custom Field “DUE”
  3. Add filter that should ONLY subtasks

You can add more charts that reflect more information, but this would be specific to your needs right now. You are able to export these charts as well and create a report in Microsoft Word/Excel, or however, you want to report to your management.

Hope this helps!

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