How do I add Holidays to a bunch of Projects all at once?

I’m really struggling to find a simple way of putting global holidays on Asana such that everyone, everywhere, in every project, sees the holiday and can avoid placing tasks on it by accent.

If Asana wants to put their product above and beyond the competition, give us a way of dealing with Holidays. If you think being an Asana programmer trying to build this option would be tough, please try to run a complex company and try to work around these holidays with your tasks due dates, dependencies, etc. These holidays become real “snakes in the grass” for people like myself writing complex schedules that affect dozens of people.

I suggest Asana has a setting that give the company’s Asana Administrator the ability to set Company Holidays and give us the following features:

  • A pre-populated National Holidays and common religious/cultural holidays that we can individually select to apply to our company as “Closed”.

  • Ability to create custom holidays that have the same characteristics as all other holidays, such as “Company Founding: Annual BBQ”.

  • Ability to import holidays from an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Ability to set each holiday as “Global to entire company” (ie, force the holiday to show up on every single project created in the entire Asana account).

  • Ability to set each holiday as “specific to the following projects” in case there are certain holidays that only affect certain projects. Give us a multi-select option here.

  • Ability to set each holiday (individually!) as “work day” or “non-work day” so that nobody can accidentally place a task due on that day. Basically, make the system treat this day the way “avoid weekends” works.

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Bastien yes I should have put this in a different forum, sorry about that.

I did look around on search, but didn’t find anything that scratches the itch.

As advanced as Asana is, I think they need to recognize just what a hazard holidays are for their target market. I’m not aware of anyone that does holidays well, everyone treats it like just a necessary hazard.

If Asana wants to really step up above their competition, they should give us global controls over holidays so that the Administrator can pre-set things for the entire company.

Think of how great the Timeline view is with Dependencies. Now imagine managing 100 projects (which I’ll be doing starting here in about 4 months) all with their own individual timelines… now imagine the MOUNTAIN of frustration I’m going to have come November, December, and January dealing with all those holidays, and dependencies dropping onto those “closed” days.

Oh, also, my business is always closed on Fridays. We work 4-10’s most of the time. Try scheduling around that with dependencies. :grin: :woozy_face:

Asana is good at what it does, this sort of thing is what can make it stand out from the competition even better.

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I agree it would be amazing :slight_smile: