Public Calendar Holiday

(Reposting after @Richard_Sather helped :stuck_out_tongue: )

It would be great if we have the option to add public holidays automatically to the calendar - and then block them like we can do with weekends.

What I am asking for is not a workaround like we have to currently do (create our own public holiday calendar to track, and then assign the days as tasks to our team and projects - and then use search and rules and manually move tasks dates [I see your video @Bastien_Siebman and it is a good idea])
I just want the tool to have this function built in!


Would you agree that your request can be merged into Holiday/Leave/Block off time - either as PTO, Holiday, or all day task ?

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Would the public holidays automatically be filled in by Asana though, or would we be having to manually input them… I think that is potentially the difference in the ask?