Adding Public Holidays - Content Calendar


I’m creating a content calendar in Asana. I would like to block out days in the calendar that are public holidays.

Does anyone have a way they are already doing this?

I’m thinking of adding tasks within my project that are tagged red to stand out.

Any tried and tested tips would be appreciated. Thank you :smile:


One of my team managers has a ‘vacation/holidays’ project on his team. He creates tasks for holidays, and his team members add when they’re going to be out on there. That way he can see it when he goes to the team calendar view, etc.

I think your way makes fine sense for just the one calendar - make a task in there tagged holidays (so red, etc.) and in the title just do like ‘HOLIDAY - Ind. Day;’ or what have you, to make it even more clear.


Is there a way to add holiday days so that asana does not schedule tasks on those holday days?

So for example if 27th Dec is a holiday for the whole team, could this date not be selectable as a date to schedule a task?

Thank you


Hi @Charlie_Richardson, did you ever get an answer to this? I’m trying to see if there is a way to block out individual resource’s vacations. So if I have a task that spans 5 days, but a resource will be out one of those days, Asana will extend the task to 6 calendar days.


Hey @Charlie_Richardson & @Zuad_Oropeza1

Interesting workaround to your Organization’s vacation needs, however at this point this is not possible. There is no way to restrict the creation of Tasks that are assigned for a certain day, nor according to resource allocation (which is what Zuad is looking to do).

What we do here is create a Project that’s home to Tasks with titles that schedule vacation days to help our Team stay on track. This allows our team to reference who is out of the office and at what times, which we police ourselves. That said, there isn’t a way to enforce this via the system in Asana.

This is an interesting idea though. I’d encourage you to make a quick search to see if someone has already made this suggestion in the Product Feedback category so you can up-vote it :slight_smile:


Hi Michael,
Thanks for your answer.


Yes thank you. This is a standard MS project feature that I like. I am using Instagantt with Asana, but that feature is not yet available, although I’m told it is on the roadmap. :slight_smile: That’s why I was checking to see if it was available in Asana. I searched high and low and haven’t seen anyone with a work around solution.