How can you put custom_field values for portfolio in portfolio?


I have checked previous topics but nothing seemed to work.

Has anyone found a way to set custom_field value for portfolios in portfolios e.g., setting the custom_field for Portfolio_A shown in All_Portfolios?

All_Portfolios → [Portfolio_A, (…), Portfolio_N] → [Project_A, (…), Project_N]

There has to be a way to do this, please.

Thank you!


I am a bit confused by your question. Custom fields are defined at the portfolio level, but you set a value for a specific project. So if I understand correctly, you want to define the value of a field for a specific project and see that value in all portfolios?

Thanks for clarifying.


consider the following example:

How would I put the “hello_world” text for “Portfolio_A” in the portfolio “All_Portfolios”?

This only seems to be possible for projects in portfolios.

Yes, projects get custom fields when they are added to a portfolio. They can’t have fields otherwise, just like a single task can’t have custom fields.

Why is it possible to set the custom_fields for Portfolio_A via UI then (as shown in the screenshot) as well as possible to get the custom_field values for the Portfolio_A via API?

Hi @Please_Fix,

You are correct, portfolios can have custom fields set on them, and while it’s not documented, one can get those values (more on that in this forum thread).

While I didn’t try it, I thought it might also be possible to set those custom field values. Did you try that, using an equivalent syntax as one uses to set the custom field value on a task or project?