How can return custom private for a single project

I can´t return the private custom for only one project.
Someone know which is the call. Now I´m using this.


Hi @ljdelgado,

This is the call you want:


I can´t get the privates custom of a project, this custom only can see in this specific project.
What is the call?


Please see my reply to your other post on this question. (There’s no need to create multiple posts for the same question.)

I’m afraid I’m not understanding the problem - can you provide some more detail?

My problem is that i want all the information of the she subtasks:

  • I want the name, assignee_id,assignee_status, and custom of subtasks.

I try to do the call of subtasks but this no specific this thing.
I want this call /projects/project_id/tasks?opt_expand=custom_fields,custom_field_settings&opt_fields=custom_field_settings,,"
that give me all the information but i need it with the subtask.

Can you tell me, which call is?

When you do the call to get a task’s subtasks:

GET /tasks/{task_gid}/subtasks

you can use the opt_fields parameter just like you can on other endpoints.