How can I search for tasks *NOT* modified within n days?



I’m trying to set up a saved search that will show me tasks that have not been modified in a while.

I want to avoid my client’s questions not being responded to or acknowledged. I don’t see how to use the search to look for things that are getting stale, but rather only things that have been modified recently.


Not sure you can do this with an advanced search per se, but you can sort any search by Last Modified.


Thanks @James_Carl

That sounded good…

Since it sorts by the most recently modified at the top I needed to scroll (endlessly) to get to stuff that had been neglected longest. The system lets me sort by last modified but I can’t switch between ascending/descending.

Any other suggestions for how I might use the tool to identify things that are “hanging out there”… In space… Alone… Lonely…


Yeah, I’m with @James_Carl on this one. If sorting the list is important to you, @dan_sullivan, you could even export as a csv and sort the list by ascending/descending, then revisit the tasks you identify in the csv. Tedious, but it’s an idea.


I don’t think I can afford to spend that much time on it. I’m looking for something like this because of a lack of good protocol/protocol adherence from other team members and clients – backstops of tasks don’t get lost.

I appreciate the feedback; I think if the prospect was only to do it manually via export I will have to abandon the idea.


Actual if the Advance Search for Modified would add “Before” it would work.