How can I put a GIF in Asana comments?

I saw an Asana tweet that said “You can add GIFS to tasks as attachments and they will play on your comment” but when I added one as an attachment it just showed the still image and the user had to click on it. How do I get it to function like the one in this Tweet?

Hi @Karen_Pedersen, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

You just need to upload the gif and it will play every time you hover over it. (23)

Does the gif play if hovered over? :slight_smile:


Nope. Just a still picture when hovered over. I used the attachment feature to upload (paper clip) was that the wrong way to upload?

Hi @Karen_Pedersen, uploading the attachment as a comment is the correct way to upload so this should work!

Can you confirm what the file size and format is please? :slight_smile:

Would be great for it to be able to play by just pasting a GIPHY link… or even better, a GIF finder tool in comments would be fab (like in other apps e.g. fb messenger, whatsapp, etc)


I agree, this would be great @Emily_Belling! We have an existing feature request on this in the #productfeedback category, I recommend adding your vote there! :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted on the main thread if there are any updates!


Thanks Rebecca – it looks like the feature request you linked is about auto-playing GIFS, whereas my request it about how to insert GIFS in the first place. Is there an existing feature request for that, too? Or will it be looked at by the development team as an entire bundle of “GIF” features?

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