How can I get the subtasks of subtasks to show up on the Gantt Chart?

Does anyone know if this is a feature or lack of one? I am trying to get a subtask milestone’s subtask to show up on the chart if that makes a difference

Welcome, @Finishline,

Open the first subtask of the subtask mileston in the right-side Task Detail pane.

Type Tab+P or in the “. . .” menu choose Add to project.

Autocomplete the name of the project whose Gantt view you want the subtask to appear in.

Repeat for the other subtasks.



It looks like it got moved to the task level (but still a subtask of a subtask) when I added a project. Can you please explain why this happened? It was not my intention.

Sorry, @Finishline, for not making that clear. That’s the expected behavior (side-effect of this workaround). The task is simultaneously a subtask (sub-subtask in this case) and a top-level task as well. Calendar and Timeline views will only display top-level tasks, so making it such was required for the workaround.

What is often done to mitigate this is to create a “Hidden Subtasks” section, drag it to the bottom of List View, collapse that section, click Save view to remember all that so you never have to do that part again. Then, for each task you want to “hide,” click the up/down arrows after the task title and use that section mover to move it to Hidden Subtasks and it’s out of your hair.

Got it! It won’t work for my process but thank you for the education. I will keep this in mind for other projects

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