How are you using Asana's boards?



We are looking at using the Asana boards to track our tasks, and I have used kanban in the past. However, labels are very important to our workflow.
We need to be able to read the labels at the note level (not just a colored oval). We would love if this could be made possible. Then we can start using the boards view.


Hi everyone. I’m a Asana trainer. I have a client who has hundreds of clients. We’ve decided to create a task for each client in a !Clients project. Each client task is in fact not a doable task but more like a client folder - client info and contact details are entered in the task description. The client is not assigned to any sales person as that would appear in their My Tasks which we don’t want. The doable tasks are entered as Sub-Tasks and these are the ones who have dur dates and are assigned someone.

I have also created a Pipeline or Workflow for each sales person. e.g. Sections are created such as First contact, Meeting scheduled, Send quote, Follow up, Chase for KYC docs, Process, Chase payment, Completed. Each client task is then assigned to the responsible’s person pipeline and dragged at the proper place in the pipeline.
Now this pipeline is in List format not Board. I tried having it in board but it dosn’t work perfectly because of one problem:
When emails that require actions are received they are sent to Asana. The email appears in the person’s My Tasks and is associated to that person’s pipeline. Now I need to drag and drop this email task to the client’s main task. I click on the client task and while it is selected and I see the client task pane on the right, I drag the email task using the handle on the left and drop it in the subtask section of the client task. Then I can rename the task and assign it etc. This way, the email is there for reference for everyone to see.

This system, although it may sound cumbersome, works great once you get the hang of it. However, it only works in List view. You cannot do this in Board view. Pity! …unless I’m mistaken.

Thanks for your comments and ideas.


Hi Thierry!

Very interested to see what this looks like, if you’re able to share a visual of your process and end result.

Right now, I’m managing 8 clients and 4 vendors so sometimes I have to add some extra processes to make sure everything feels segregated, but can still be managed by one person.

Thanks, Thierry!


Just renewing the request for a way to hide completed tasks in the otherwise-great Boards layout…


I created a board for design projects with our team that are multiple steps (Ideas, Started, In Progress, Completed, etc). Similar to how we use Jira for software release planning / tracking where I work. For anything that is a simple to-do we keep it off of boards otherwise it gets cluttered.

I also have a personal board for the books I’m reading (To Buy, Have, Started, Completed, Gave Up).

Good question!


I like the books idea! Just out of curiosity, what books have you given up on?


Too many to list… :wink:

It’s mostly for books that don’t interest me (at least at that time) and it’s helpful for me to know I deliberately stopped reading a book instead of just stopped reading it for no reason.