Holiday/Leave/Block off time - either as PTO, Holiday, or all day task

Wow pretty cool. cc @Arthur_BEGOU @Julien_RENAUD
I can see from here people complaining as to why this is not in Asana natively, but thanks for providing a workaround!

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Great work @Phil_Seeman! Can’t wait to try it out…

Having read your guide article, is it possible to use the assignee field instead of a people type field?

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Excited to have you try it, @Richard_Sather!

I didn’t want to key it off of the Assignee field for two reasons: first, I wanted the ability to specify multiple people for a particular entry (to avoid you having to add a separate entry for each person), and second, I didn’t want to force the entries to show in peoples’ My Tasks if they didn’t want that behavior.

That said, you can absolutely put a user’s name in the Assignee field in addition to putting them in the people field, if you do want it to show in their My Tasks. Would that be an acceptable solution?

(The bottom line is that Flowsana will ignore anything you do in these tasks beyond the people field and the due date, so you can add an assignee, add other custom fields, add tags, etc.)

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Got it thanks for the clarification, makes sense!

I just have to figure out how to map the assignees to the people field…

Can you elaborate? I feel like I’m missing something - why is a mapping needed?

Sure @Phil_Seeman , sorry I was just ‘thinking out loud’.
Reason is because I already have PTO projects set up for some clients which are currently working using the assignee field; one task per person’s PTO, assigned to them so it shows up in their My tasks and for other reasons etc.

So I’m trying to see if there is an easy way of ‘mapping’ from assignee to people field so that your new Flowsana rule can work.

The problem I’ve ran into is that (currently) Asana does not have variable rule support for the people field i.e. whoever is the assignee → add them to the people field.

I tried the rule workflow builder in Flowsana to map the assignee field to the people field but without any luck either, unless I missed something? :thinking:

Note that some of these PTO projects are populated via a form where the submitter chooses their name from a drop down or multi select field instead of typing their name. In this case, I already have a Flowsana workflow to set them as the assignee based on the custom field value that is selected in the form - works great! But again, even in this case, I cannot see how to then set the people field based on the value of a single/multi select field either.

Therefore, coming back to my initial question, which is kinda turning into a suggestion… :sweat_smile:
It would be great if your new Flowsana workflow rule could give a choice of keying values off assignee or a value from single/multi select custom field, apart from the people field.

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Oh wow, thanks for that explanation, @Richard_Sather! That use case totally makes sense; especially the time-off-form-submission part.

I’m convinced - I think we will add the option to use the assignee. Will keep you posted on that.


As a project manager across a small, but scaling team, I can’t remember everyone’s vaca when assigning tasks. I have to cross-check their calendars, which I admittedly forget to do often. It’s nice how you can set your vaca in asana & people see that during your vacation period… But it would be AMAZING if you could log PTO into asana for upcoming dates & have the tasks reflect that time off.

If I’m assigning a blog draft to our writer on a day she’ll be out, it would be really sweet to see that she’s OOO that day, and I need to either assign to someone else, or revisit the timing. How cool would it be if I had a pop up that said, “Jane is ooo on that date, want to assign to someone else?”


Hi @Amanda_Tomberlin , welcome to the forum :wave:

I’ve merged your post into this existing one where you can vote for this feature at the top of the page using the purple vote button n the upper left corner.

I think what you are looking for can be solved using a 3rd party app like by @Phil_Seeman who recently released a new feature update to support this, as he mentions above here.

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Hey @Richard_Sather, this one’s for you: :wink:

We just updated the Flowsana rule trigger condition for

If the task falls during a holiday or time off…

You can now use the Assignee field to identify who a time-off entry applies to, instead of using a people-type custom field. Just omit any people-type custom fields from the “time-off calendar” project; if Flowsana does not find any people custom fields in that project, it will automatically use the Assignee field instead.

See here for more details on this rule trigger condition.


Wow! What a great start to the week :smiley:
Thanks @Phil_Seeman , I’ll try it out soon and get back to you!


Is there any update on this issue? I’m wondering if perhaps no one from Asana has seen my post yet. :sweat_smile:

On our end, we’ve created a ‘Vacation’ project to view the vacation schedule. We also use the ‘Away’ function, but sometimes people forget to set it since it’s not automatic, you can’t set up your Away for all the year


How does this feature not exist already? There should be a master list of days that are blocked off for everyone.


Hiya Community. I am looking to block out certain dates against my plan for 1 key individual, essentially he is not available. Is there any way to block out dates, whereby it would automatically move activities to the next available date? Thanks in advance

Welcome, @Jym_Clement,

I’ve merged your post into an existing thread where you can click the title to scroll to the top and vote by clicking the purple Vote button.



This, please! After painstakingly scheduling all of the tasks for a project around our company’s paid holidays, having to shift the schedule at all is a nightmare.

Where I’d scheduled the original tasks to accommodate our holidays, shifting the schedule means that I have to again pull up our paid holiday list to check and then tweak the date range for every step.

Incorporating a list of blackout days for a team seems like an easy to implement fix that would save a ton of time and aggravation. Hoping this is in the works!

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Umm as a new user, it’s concerning that a feature request like this has been open for almost 6 years! Is there any way of being able to see what’s on the product roadmap, an Asana response, etc.?!


Hi @Sean_Williams3 and welcome to the forum,

Asana (like a lot of its competitors) doesn’t publish a public roadmap or discuss unreleased features, so there isn’t a way to get the answer you’ve asked about. However, please know that Asana has a number of inputs that drive its decisions about what to work on, this forum being one - so while the number of votes here is significant, just having a large number of votes doesn’t necessarily mean a feature will be implemented.

You can read more on this subject here:

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Agree, this is critical to effective project planning. Please implement asap.

Hello. I’m also interested in the PTO thing in Asana. Reading through the thread, I don’t believe Asana currently takes people’s PTO into account for scheduling tasks.

What do y’all think of this work around: Have people bake this into their task estimate. For instance, if the task estimate is 3 days but during that 3-day window on the schedule, they have 2 days of PTO scheduled, can they set the task to take 5 days so the other dependent tasks can update accordingly? It’s a hack, but trying to keep things simple. Thoughts anyone?