Having the ability to track whether attachments have been opened

Hi there,

I’d like to know if there is any way (including add-ins or plug-ins) that I can track if an Asana user has opened a document which is attached to a task.

Does anyone know if there is anything?

Dan C

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Not aware of one, and TBH Asana’s document management capabilities are rudimentary (e.g. no search…). Would not hold my breath waiting for this.

OTOH, a rough workaround Asana-only might be to train people, or add a reminder in Tasks with documents, for the user to “Like” a Task when a document is opened.

A better workaround might be to use a doc system like Google Docs that has view history, and then include docs in Asana Tasks as Google Links.


Hey @Daniel_Cunningham,

I agree with Stephanie that it is best to use Google Docs and connect them to the task as there you have full visibility on edits, more formatting options, etc

Also when connecting the file within Asana you can receive comment notifications so nothing gets lost. More info here: Google Drive + Asana • Asana