Has anyone used CloudHQ to backup their Asana Data?

We were looking for a way to automatically back up our Asana data for free and I discovered this site - www.cloudhq.net

We have linked Asana to our work Google Drive and we’re waiting to see how effective it is at backing up the many projects we have, in case of a future loss of data. I did get an email telling me I have started a free trial as it includes chargeable cloud data services, but I can’t see either Asana or Google Drive on their list!

Has anyone else done this with CloudHQ and if so what was your experience like?

Is there another way to achieve this with services such as IFTTT?


Asana is very good at keeping your account both secure and backed up. However, if you are looking for a solution, I would try Zapier.
@Bastien_Siebman Do you have any suggestions for Adam?

I tried out CloudHQ at one point just to see what it would do. The only thing it ever backed up was my attachments; i.e. just the files I had attached to tasks in Asana. I never followed up to ask them if that was the expected behavior or if it was supposed to also back up actual Asana data.

Thanks Todd - does this mean that if our Asana data is corrupted, we can get Asana to roll back to a clean version of the data? I have tried this before and they could not do it. Dropbox did it within days.

Someone contacted me for the very same issue, not finding any tool that backs up everything. I suggested we build a custom dev using the API but I never heard from them. I don’t have a solution.

Yes, you are correct. Asana can restore one of their systems that has been corrupted, but not an account. I’m not aware of anyone ever complaining about their specific account being corrupted. I do know that @Bastien_Siebman could do this for you [no, I don’t work for him, but he does this sort of thing and I like what I’ve seen of his work]. I think @Marie may be able to confirm what type of restoration Asana could do for a corrupted system or account. If you need this level of confidence I would at least give Bastien a call [you will need to DM him to set that up] he is a nice guy, very responsive, and I think he does offer a free 1st phone call.

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Thanks for the mention @Todd_Heflin; I would recommend checking out this handy article or reach out directly to our support team if you have any specific questions related to security and privacy!

Hi @Bastien_Siebman have you progress this at all? I would be interested in a tool to backup our data.

No, and this is not on my roadmap has I have been contacted by a backup tool editor willing to allow Asana backup. So this is a wait and see. Unless I just build a wrapper around https://asana.com/developers/api-reference/organization_exports… Would that be enough?