Group over Project or vice versa?

I’m new to Asana and looking for ideas to organize teams and projects. I’m happy for ideas, suggestions, experiences… I didn’t found anything at this specific question in the forum.


You’re managing several applications and have multiple recurring tasks (handling issues, doing a lot maintenance- work, improve the current configuration), you’ll have the option to:

A: Create a team which cares about a Application (App X) and cares about different projects called Issues, Maintenance etc


B: Create a team “Issues” and within the group, create projects for App X, App Y etc. which handels those Issues


C: Create a team “Dispatch” with an project “Issue”, so everyone can use the same form to add a new issue and the application concerned can be choosen by a dropdown.

With rules, the responsable worker could be notified so he / she can add the task to another project (A or B) where custom- fields allow an more detailed classification of the task.