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I’m an employee in state government and I’m using Asana to manage several smaller projects but am gearing up for a large, enterprise-wide I.T. project. I’m curious if there are other government employees who use Asana? I’m interested in how you handle record retention since we are often subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and we must produce our emails on demand. Even our chat history is subject to disclosure so we have to be very careful.

Any tips or words of advice as I scale up my utilization of Asana?


I’m in local government in Virginia. FOIA and records retention are issues for every system. Cloud services can be very helpful, but they also wind up spreading out records across many vendors and servers.

Generally speaking, the custodian who receives a records request is responsible for searching in the right places. This could be as simple as keeping a list of storage locations (e.g. email, Google Docs, Asana, the file cabinet in the basement) and then searching each one. Note that if the requestor asks for “all emails regarding X,” you may not be obligated to look in locations that aren’t email.

State and even local records laws can vary. Be sure to ask your agency’s legal counsel what your obligations are for records retention and retrieval.


Ressurrecting this old thread -

Government workers and NIST 800-171?

Do either of the posters here have any experience ?

I generated this topic - please comment if able.

NIST SP 800-171 DFARS users - Use Cases - Asana Community Forum

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As a government contractor, we are obligated by NIST 800-171 as enforced by CMMC. Asana does not offer a gov cloud environment (or more importantly an environment that meets CMMC requirements) and therefore we’re concerned that we’ll need to leave Asana because we have no way to control technical data shared on the Asana platform. As a government employee do you have this same concern?

Hello Jerry. Any updates regarding your ability to utilize Asana. I’m conducting similar research on behalf of another government-focused mission.

Hi Robbie. Unfortunately, I have no responses to my question. This remains an open question for my organization.

We are now at May, 2024 and still no response. We will be looking somewhere else where customer support has value. No response, is a response. Best of luck! :slight_smile:

Well, I guess that answers my question regarding support of NIST SP 800-171 compliance requirements.

Not sure if this helps anyone, but it’s worth to note these resources currently on Asana’s website:

Trust at Asana • Asana

And the White paper, here.

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