Google Meet + Asana

Using Asana during Google Meet video calls?

Now Asana automatically bookmarks your Google Meet recordings exactly when you discuss each task. Share these bookmarks to:

  • Take shorter notes … and simply link to what was said about a task
  • On-ramp faster … by watching one task’s history over time
  • Skip meetings … but stay in sync with bookmarks from teammates

We just launched the integration for Chrome browsers, and would love to hear what you think.

Here’s an intro video:

Looking forward to your thoughts, Paul


Seems really cool!

Glad you think so. Let me know if you have any problems — or successes with it.

We’ll support Zoom, Bluejeans and other video conference apps soon, too. I’ll let you know when. Thanks.

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We will give this a try we use meet and assana all day long.

How did I forget to include pictures! Here you go:

:one: During your video call, Moment automatically creates a video bookmark when you discuss each Asana task.

:two: Bookmarks deep link directly to the exact moment within your meeting recording.

:three: Back at the Asana site when viewing a task, bring up its video history.

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