Google Docs Smart Chips for Asana

Way back in October of 2022, Google announced they’d be launching third-party smart chips in Docs and specifically mentioned Asana:

Today, we’re launching third-party smart chips in Docs, along with new integrations and enhanced API capabilities for Meet, Chat and Spaces, delivering entirely new ways to use third-party applications within or alongside Google Workspace, allowing organizations to get more value from the solutions they’ve already invested in. The new integrations are with some of the most popular enterprise applications in use today — AO Docs, Asana, Atlassian, Figma, LumApps, Miro, Tableau, and Zendesk — and will help transform the way people work every day. Link

Last week the Google Workspace updates blog announced the first round of third-party chips including Atlassian, Figma, and Miro, but no Asana :cry:

Is this coming soon? My org frequently references Asana stuff in Google Docs so this would be an amazing quality of life feature!


Salesforce just added smart chip support. Asana I needs it!

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I’ve been following this up too and haven’t found any other information apart from Google’s announcement =/
Asana, is this really happening soon?


Hi all, I’m excited to announce we just launched Google smart chips for Asana tasks :tada:

When you copy an Asana task link to a Google Doc, you can now preview the task title, assignee, due date, custom fields and mark the task complete. Install the Asana add-on from the Google Workplace Marketplace to try it!

We plan to support more Asana features, so stay tuned for updates in the News category!


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Hi everyone,

Starting today, you can now tag projects, goals and status updates in Google documents! :tada: See more details in the screenshots below:



Status update: