Goals should be accessible to smaller fry!

I am a long time (since 2015) individual user of Asana. The new Goals feature was recently promoted to me and a signed up for the free trial. I loved the feature but when the free trial ended I found that it was only available to the Business tier which is $25/month, and exorbitant for an individual user. Why can this not be available in the Premium tier, or why can there not be a tier for smaller folks like me who can really benefit from the features but who are not big businesses?

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The need for an Asana solo plan has been discussed here Please make a Premium Solo Plan

For me, there are two answers to give (remember I don’t work for Asana):

  • Asana is focused on teams, doing anything for individual would require to spend time, energy and money away from their vision
  • Goals is a strategic feature, the more strategic you get (the higher you get in the pyramid of clarity) the more you have to pay, it makes sense to me

I realize Asana is focused on Teams, but that doesn’t mean they should shaft their smaller users. We may become bigger users someday. Especially since the Goals feature was heavily promoted to us, and is incredibly useful for individuals. They could make this feature available to Premium subscribers. As it stands it’s not even available to that tier.