Goal Planning Bandwidth

Currently we are only able to create a goal one year ahead.
But that is only the case if the FY ends within current year (So Jan. 1st ~ Dec 31st).
For those whose FY starts later than January, Goal moves up to next FY automatically.

FY that starts Jan. 1st: - FY22 (Jan 1st, 2022 ~ Dec 31st 2022)
- FY23(Jan 1st, 2023 ~ Dec 31st 2023)

FY that starts after Jan 1st: - FY23 (Feb 1st 2022 ~ Mar 31st 2023)
- Can’t create next year’s goal since FY23 has been taken already

It would be really great if Asana could either
(1) Make FY as a calendar (So users can freely choose the year)
(2) Allow users to create goals ahead by few more years