Goal or portfolio

Dear all! Have you ever thought about pros and cons to use goal or portfolio. In goal I haven’t all the project at a glance anyway I can see how many completed task like in goal.
Is it right if in a new implementation I start with portfolio and in a second time I introduce goal based on portfolio or project?
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To me they serve a different purpose. A portfolio gives you an overview of each project and show them next to each other. Goals consolidate all projects and portfolios in one single value. In the Pyramid of Clarity Asana created, Goals sit above Portfolios.

What do you think?


Thank you Bastien! It’s right … I think to include in portfolio alla project that are about MBO and in GOAL I include portfolio MBO and single project that are out of MBO but run for that goal.

For MBO analysis I’ll look at portfolio, for goal I’ll look at goal.
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