Getting started properly - Specifics to the speaking industry

Just getting started with Asana and we want to structure ourselves properly to avoid having to redo it later. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We have many professional speakers that get booked all over the world or virtually to present at events.
Our goal is to use Asana to track the tasks required to complete a speaker’s booking (Get invitation letter, book flights, organize ground transportation, book hotel rooms, etc)

Option #1: Sometimes a speaker’s booking is very open/closed (i.e. they are booked to speak in Rome so they leave home, fly to Rome, speak, fly back home). I can see this as being a single “project” … very simple.
Option #2: Other times, we might link the bookings in 4 cities over the course of a week. (i.e. Fly to Milan, speak, fly to Barcelona, speak, fly to Rio, speak, fly to Miami, speak, fly back home).

Our difficulty is with option #2.

  • Should we make each speaker a project and have the Gantt chart be a long continuous timeline showing open/closed and linked bookings since sometimes bookings are linked (i.e. she can’t fly out of Barcelona until the limo from the event in Milan is complete)
  • Should we make each “batch” of bookings (i.e. leaving home, various presentations, back home) be a single project.
  • Should we force each event as a project (i.e. Milan is a project, Barcelona is a project, etc). How would we create dependencies between them?

If anyone can offer suggestions, it would help tremendously.
Thank you

Welcome, @Pierre_Bisaillon,

I suspect you might want to use tasks (with subtasks) where you suggest projects, but it really all depends and, at least for me, is best handled with a consulting engagement. The best I can do generically is all found in my free workshop which you may find helpful at this stage:

Hope that helps,