Getting approval by Asana guests - via Slack?


I am looking to get approval on tasks by people that are not on our Asana account. I found the solution on another Topic, using Asana guests that would receive emails to approve or reject a task. Is there any way to do this via Slack instead of email? Thanks!

Edit: I see that guests can only be emails that don’t belong to my organisation. My company is huge so I need approval from people outside my immediate department - however we share the same domain name. Is there anyway I can add them as guests regardless?


Guests: The only way to become a Guest instead of a member in Asana is to login with any email address that does not match your Asana org’s domain(s).

Slack approvals: I belive you can mark a task complete via the Slack notification but I don’t happen to know if that applies to Approval-type tasks as well. Maybe someone else will know and reply here.



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