Get Subtasks in results when searching by "custom fields"

I would like to set up our asana so each Task has 1. the Role 2. the Job site (project) so here is what i did…

  1. I set up an Asana Project called “Accounting” for the accounting Role (AOR)
  2. I set up a custom Field The Job (Project) i.e “111 Broadway” (reason why i am not creating a second project is because then i can’t have private tasks).

here comes my problem if i want to do a search for all tasks that’s in the “1 Broadway” custom field i will only get Tasks not Sub Task’s, unlike when you search in a project you have the option to choose since if you select subtask only you will get only subtasks that you added specifically to the project and have the the “1 Broadway” custom field. anyone?

Hi @Leiby_Markowitz. If you’d like to use custom fields on these subtasks and you’d like them to appear in search results, you’ll need to add them to the parent project. In each subtask just use the shortcut “Tab+P,” then select the project name. You’ll then see custom fields appear in the subtask. You’ll also see these subtasks appear in search results.

Keep in mind that by adding subtasks to the parent project, they’ll actually appear as tasks when you’re viewing the project as a whole. In order to keep things organized I recommend that you create a subtasks section at the bottom of the project and keep all your subtasks out of sight there.

Please let us know if you have other questions.