Get rid of gray shortcut buttons at bottom of description box


Take away the help for shortcut keys in the description box. I’ve got these memorized - have had them memorized for a long time. Today little gray icons for bold, italics, numbered lists, etc., showed up in the bottom of my description box. I really hate them.

They wreck the clean, sleek look of Asana and clutter my mind. This might be because the description box size adjusts to fit the size of the description so the little gray help icons are always right beneath the current line I’m typing, which is where my eye is always looking. In other applications (this community one, for instance), these shortcuts are at the top or (in gmail, for instance) they’re at the bottom of a pretty big text box. I’ve never seen them right in the line of sight in the way they showed up tonight in my Asana description boxes.

I can understand how this would be helpful for folks unfamiliar with shortcuts, but it’s 2018 and that’s gotta be common knowledge for most folks by now. And these are really, really distracting. It’s bad enough that if I was a new user I’d walk away from Asana - I don’t need that distraction in the virtual space where I do all my thinking.

Could we maybe have the default be to show the ribbon of text editing icons (since the less computer savvy people would need them) but to have an option in preferences to make them go away? Thanks, Asana!