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Is it possible with the API to get_tasks, but only the tasks that have been changed? As in if I have “My Awesome Task” (created at 8:01AM), status incomplete and “My Other Awesome Task 2” (created at 8:02AM), status incomplete. Then at 8:50AM, “My Awesome Task” changes to Complete and I change the name to “My Completed Awesome Task”. How would I only get “My Complete Awesome Task” in a list of tasks.

Currently I declare some client with a key, then find all tasks related to a certain project.
As follows:
all_tasks = client.tasks.find_by_project(project_id)

Hi @Jack_Remmert,

the Search Task endpoint is your friend, if you have access to it.

You can use it in a premium workspace or from a premium user.

I mean, you can’t use it if you’re invited in another project of another workspace, even if you are premium, and that workspace is premium, but you are only invited in 1 project as read-only.

That said, the query is:

GET /workspaces/xxx/tasks/search?modified_at.after=2020-03-04&sort_by=modified_at.

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