Having trouble getting all uncompleted tasks in multiple projects.

Using the API I am having issues understanding how to form the URL to get:

All uncompleted tasks in a project. What I have tried looks like this:

All uncompleted tasks in all projects in a specific team. I have no idea how to do this one except to iterate through all the projects in a certain team and then do a query for each project. Seems like I will get throttled if I do this.

I am using C# so the REST interface rather than any of the others (Python, JavaScript, etc).

Hi @Eric_Snyder and welcome to the forum!

Normally you can’t do filtering on that tasks query endpoint, so completed=false won’t work.

However, there is one special case you can use on that endpoint to return only incomplete tasks (it’s documented here); try putting ?completed_since=now

Otherwise, for filtering objects you either have to do it on your end once you obtain the data, or if this is on a paid account you can use the Search API.

Thanks Phil. I took the plunge and purchased Premium.