Future of Asana: Huddles update

A couple of years ago in a video headlined, The Future of Asana, a feature called Huddles was touted as “coming soon”. It was a zoom like video feature with transcription. Can you give us an update on whether and when we can expect to see this feature?

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Hi @Chris_Harris2, thanks for reaching out!

Huddles were unveiled at our multi-year vision, Future of Asana event in 2020. We don’t have any updates right now, but will keep you posted and let you know what’s coming! :slight_smile:

That being said, Asana just introduced video messaging, so definitely going in the right direction!

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Hmmm, interesting. I haven’t seen that announcement nor do I see an icon in comments or messages that would indicate that capability. Can you share more? Thanks for this and all your Forum comments, Bastien. You’re a font of Asana wisdom!

Oops, found it. https://asana.com/guide/help/api/vimeo#gl-integrations

You have to be using Chrome or MS Edgeto see this feature. We’ve been using Firefox.


Oh I did not realize it was not available for Firefox!

Vimeo is only available for Chrome and MSEdge browsers. Do you intend to add Vimeo functionality for Firefox and Safari at some point?

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