Formula Function: Not working in a all tasks

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Annual Salary is a Number Field. I added a Formula in (Formula) Bi-Weekly which is *Annual Salary / 26
The formula is intended to divide Annual Salary by 26 to give the Bi-Weekly Salary automatically which we were entering manually in the field Bi-Weekly before.
The Formula is working on about 90% of the tasks but not on some, showing only a blank field.
Why is the formula working on some and not others when the function and source are the same?
Unfortunately, my excitement about the feature was short lived because if it won’t work I cannot use it :confused:

I’m calling our best Asana Formula expert @Richard_Sather
(for real, he is excellent :wink:)

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Thanks @Arthur_BEGOU :wink:

Hi @Nicole_Bates1 , welcome to the forum :wave:
I was curious so I replicated your figures and formula and as you can see it seems to be working fine for me:

Can you try to delete the 90,000.00 and retype it in again? (do this for any fields that for some reason you are not getting a formula result).
Try also refreshing your browser, or close and reopen the desktop app if you are using that.
Let us know if that helps.

cc @Vanessa_N , could this be a bug for this particular Asana instance?

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Hi, Yes all those steps were taken prior to posting.

Maybe it just needed more time to think? It seems to be all set now and the amounts are all showing! :smiley:

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@Nicole_Bates1 – it wasn’t a fluke. It’s happening to me and to my clients constantly. It’s a very real, very persistent, and very frustrating bug.
CC: @Richard_Sather and @Vanessa_N

Hi @Bryan_TeamKickstart , thanks for weighing in! Can you just confirm whether the issue is resolved after some delay, as it appears that has happened to @Nicole_Bates1 ? Is this what you are seeing with your clients, or do the fields remain blank?

I’m asking so that @Vanessa_N can kindly pass this onto the Asana team.
I’m moving this thread to the Report a Bug category…

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@Richard_Sather - sure thing. I’ll do some testing and see if it is resolving itself or if it stays empty.

Hi @Richard_Sather, thank you for tagging me here. I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue either.

Apologies for the hassle, @Nicole_Bates1 and @Bryan_TeamKickstart. I’m escalating the case to our Developers for investigation and will keep you posted!


Sorry, another question. Can you make a Formula that uses a Field that is also a Formula Field?
I tried to now make an Hourly Rate Field which I would want to take the Bi-Weekly / 80 hours = Hourly Rate.
When I go to select a Field the Bi-Weekly Field is not in the list of available Fields to use in my Formula.

Hi @Nicole_Bates1, unfortunately this is not possible yet, but hopefully in a future update since this feature is quite new.

In the meantime, our Developers are asking for some additional details, so I’ll DM you, if you don’t mind.

Hi @Nicole_Bates1 , as @Vanessa_N mentioned, it is not possible (yet?) to add a formula field within a formula field but you can achieve your goal by creating a new formula field but rewritting (or copy/pasting) the formula for the bi-weekly, followed by the remaining calculation.

So your formula for your hourly rate, would look like this:
(Annual salary / 26) / 80

And if you edit your number field for Annual Salary and change it to a currency, say USD, then you will find that the resulting values of your formulas will also be in USD.

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I’m having the same issue with blank fields. I have a total cost formula field that adds up the total labour costs (hourly rate * actual hours) with OOP expenses (rollup). If there’s nothing in the section for that project, it just shows up with a hyphen. If I then add an expense and delete it, it leaves the column with £0.00, which is why the expenses columns are showing up like that. Do formulas not work if you have blank fields? Am I missing something? I’ve attached a screenshot of the portfolio in question and also of the formula for the total cost field.

Hello everyone, apologies for the delay! Our developers have identified a solution for this issue and are currently in the process of implementing the fix. I’ll update you as soon as it’s fully deployed. Thanks for your patience!

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Hi folks, our Developers have confirmed that the fix for this issue has been implemented! I’ll close the thread, but please let me know if you are still seeing any problems :slight_smile:

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