Formula Fields Divisible/Multiplied by Zero

I’m using the formula fields to build a prioritization score that takes into account Impact, Effort, and Days Until Deadline

  1. Days until deadline is calculated using the subtraction function from (Today - Due Date)
  2. Deadline Factor is calculated by (10/Days Until Deadline) x 10
  3. Priority Score is calculated by (Impact * Deadline Factor)/Effort

The problem is if the deadline is today, then there will be 0 days until the deadline and the deadline factor formula will break.

It would be great to be able to use something like Max() function to ensure that the denominator is never zero. It takes the maximum value between the total days until the deadline and 1. If the total days until the deadline is zero, it will be replaced with 1, ensuring that the formula doesn’t result in an error.

Any workaround ideas?

Hello @Marie_Lunney1

Welcome to the forum.

I think what you are trying to achieve can be obtained by implementing one of these forumals that @Richard_Sather listed here.

Check them out: 📆 How you can use the Today input in Advanced Formulas, today!

The forumals do not target the priority per se, but you might be able to customise them to achieve the result without having zero as a multiplier.

Hope this helps a bit.


Thanks @Rashad_Issa I took a look at the formulas but I don’t see anything that would help.