Formal Project Status Report

The one thing that requires my team to work outside of Asana is the lack of a formal project status report. Ideally, it would be nice to have a 1 page (2 page at most) report that shows details about the project in the header, how long the project has been open, the project manager, the tasks and the due/completed dates, and display the last progress report note at the top. As much as we want to be paperless, our customers (and our executives) still would like to see a paper report. The export functionality is not ideal or really professional as it just looks like a webpage print out. If such a report exists, it would keep us in Asana and I can definitely convince my stakeholders to continue another year.


As you’ve seen, this feature isn’t supported directly in Asana; Portfolios, a Business tier feature, is available but quite different.

Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator) does offer most or all of what you’re asking for out of the box using the Projects Dashboard standard report:


The most recent status (project’s Progress tab status) is shown, other metadata comes from that Progress tab, and you can put whatever you want in the Description for each project as explained in the article/video.

All though the screenshot shows three projects on a row, the output is responsive so you can reduce the width to accommodate only one project and then print all your projects at once that way.

What’s shown is a standard report but it’s able to be duplicated and altered to your exact needs. This requires some basic HTML/CSS/templating knowledge, or I offer this custom service (just message me offline).


Hi Larry,

Very cool stuff. Does your plug in require allow permissions to a users Google drive or storage drive?


Eileen Marin

@Eileen_Marin, Thanks! Asana2Go doesn’t require any permissions; as a Chrome extension it just piggybacks off your Asana login and requires no separate authorization. If you want to save a PDF or other output file from Asana2Go to Google Drive or another file share, you’d need to authorize that, but not otherwise.


Hi folks,

Closing this thread as our new Introducing Dashboards - a new way to see real-time project data in charts! features directly address this request!