For date formulas, don't stop at "weeks" as the largest value output (time delineation)

When doing a formula field with dates, the largest built-in timeframe is “weeks”.

Is “weeks” is the largest designation of time for the formulas? We’d like to be able to differentiate between TODAY and a specific date field, but have the result show as Yrs and Mo.

I’d suggest that if something is beyond a certain number of weeks (arguably beyond 4 weeks), that you then change to month as the next time unit, and then after 11 months/weeks/days, switch to years/mo/days.

In this particular case, we’re using it to track company anniversary dates compared to today, so these will often be in years. Seeing something as 600 weeks is silly.

I realize we can do formulas to output a custom duration in Years, as a decimal, but it’s not fully accurate, given leap years, etc. Plus, a decimal of year isn’t as useful as Years + Months.

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For those looking for this formula, here it is.