Flexible vs firm task due date

Good morning Asana community - looking for some feedback or help.

In our past PM software, I would assign tasks, and not provide a due date, giving my team the ability to assess their workload and propose a date to complete the task. In situations where I had a hard deadline, I would assgn a deadline which would indicate it was a firm/non-negotiable deadline.

We have since moved to Asana, and based on all the guidance I have received through online training sessions and throught he online forms is that all tasks should be dated to provide a reminder to ensure that the tasks gets done.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to identify a firm date or a negotiable date other than making notes in the description or in the update?

Thanks for your help!

@Jason_Bedford, Here are my recommendations which I believe address all the good questions you raise:

The commonly-stated guidance from Asana and others that all tasks should have an assignee and due date is not what I recommend except in the most simplistic of cases.



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