Finer control of inbox notifications for newly assigned tasks


I’m afraid this ensures bombarding folks with notifications, so if this is your preference, I recommend you train users to manage their Inbox and My Tasks productively using all the tips and tricks you’re aware of as an expert. You can see some of my thoughts re My Tasks here:

If you’re willing not to assign out everything in advance at once, you could use a strategy to stagger the assignments. You could embed in the project template setup tasks to remind an admin to make those assignments when the dates are more firm or closer in, one two or more batches, so notifications become more meaningful. You could have a temporary single-select custom field for future assignees’ names, then manually or with rules convert those to actual assignees.

Another strategy is to mark the tasks complete in the template originally, and mark them incomplete when you want to make them active. There’s some risk here as you can imagine, but it would allow you to specify the assignee from the get-go. (I haven’t tried this in a while.)

Finally, make sure all are covered with the basics:

Although you likely know, it’s important for every user to get their Notification settings configured appropriately, particularly Settings > Notifications > Manage individual projects button for every project they’re a member of.

Also the third setting here can reduce clutter:

And finally be sure not to be a collaborator on any task you’re not interested in.