Find distribution of task creation vs due date


Could I use the API to figure this out somehow?

I’d like to confirm or refute a hypothesis for a particular project: we get far too many ‘please-help-need-it-today-sorry!’ type tasks. My idea is to fetch out all the tasks associated with a certain workflow project, and then measure the time between the creation time and the first due date that was set, and graph that up.


Hi @Robert-Stuttaford,

You can absolutely use the API for that purpose. There is an endpoint to get all tasks in a project. Creation time and due date are two of the available fields on a task. So once you have all of the project’s tasks, you’d just need to loop through each and calculate the date/time difference.

If you need more detailed help, just ask here.

Should you need programming assistance to accomplish that, you can find a good resource at this site.

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Thanks, Phil. I am a developer, so I’ve got that part covered :slight_smile: I’ll dive into the API docs and see where I end up!

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Excellent! Just ask if you run into any specific questions.


Hey @Robert-Stuttaford that sounds like a great tool and I am sure it would be useful metrics. If possible once you get it working can you post some screenshots of the output…